Incorporated owners can be compelled to take action to enforce the DMC

In See Wah Fan v Ki Tat Garden (Phase I) (IO) ([2003] 3 HKLRD 1, CA) W owned the ground floor and cock loft in a building covered by a DMC. T owned the first floor and roof and the stairs and landings above (but not at) the cock loft level. In breach of the DMC, T had enclosed the landing at cockloft level and prevented W from obtaining access to the roof for repair purposes or as a means of escape in emergency. The owners corporation had not taken any action. W brought proceedings. Could he do so given that section 16 of the Building Management Ordinance makes the corporation the proper plaintiff? The Court of Appeal held that the Lands Tribunal can compel the corporation to enforce the terms of the DMC.

‘To take an extreme case, if the majority of the owners had decided to act in bad faith in a matter concerning the management of the common parts, is the minority owner precluded from seeking redress in the court? The answer must be no. This cannot be the intention of the legislation. This being the case, if a minority owner can show he has a legitimate complaint regarding the common parts of the building and yet the management committee had chosen to ignore him, we see no reason why he cannot seek relief from the court. This must be one of the means to ensure that the corporation will observe the intention and requirement of the Ordinance in the proper management of a multi-owner building.’ ([25] per Cheung JA).


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