Transfer by mother to daughter for no consideration: resulting trust

In Suen Shu Tai v Tam Fung Tai ([2013] HKEC 1287, CFI) (subsequently affirmed by the Court of Appeal) a mother transferred title to two properties to her daughter (probably to avoid any possible claim against the properties on the part of the father). There was no consideration for the assignments. The court found on the balance of probabilities that the mother did not intend to make a gift of the properties and that the daughter therefore held them on resulting trust for the mother ([96]).

There is a lengthy discussion as to whether the presumption of advancement should be extended to assignments by a mother to her child ([61] – [76]). Although the court doubted whether the presumption should be extended to this relationship, it was emphasised that this was not a factor in the decision in this case ([76]).

The daughter had sold one of the properties to a third party and no order was made as to the property (or the proceeds of sale) until the claims made by the third party could be investigated.

Michael Lower


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