Charging order made after debtor had assigned the property to another

In Ng Kam Ha v Vincent Sina Traders (HK) Ltd [1987] HKLR 1193, HC):

C assigned a flat to N on 10 December 1985 and this was registered on 7th February 1986,

V obtained a charging order nisi over the flat in respect of a debt owed to it by C on 3rd February 1986 and this was registered on 6th February 1986.

It was held that the charging order did not affect N’s interest in the flat. C had assigned the flat, and so had no interest in it, by the time of the charging order. There was nothing for the charging order to attach to.

V could not invoke section 3(2) of the Land Registration Ordinance since it was not a purchaser or mortgagee.

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