Adverse possession of a lane between two buildings

In 黄景廉v 牡丹大厦業主立案法團 ([2011] HKEC 1487) the District Council considered an adverse possession claim in respect of a scavenging lane between Peony House and the neighbouring building. Mr Wong took over a shop that had been built at one end of the lane. He used the part of the lane behind the shop for storage. The District Court accepted that he had been in adverse possession of both parts of the lane for more than the necessary twenty years. His adverse possession claim was a successful defence to the Incorporated Owners’ claim for recovery of possession of the lane.

One Response to “Adverse possession of a lane between two buildings”

  1. redshylock Says:

    This is stupid, the Incorporated Owners would in turn breach the government lease for providing the right of way (assuming there is such right) and the owners being screwed at the end

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